Freshwater fishing tackle is a broad category offering more than rods and reels, hooks and rigs. At Stateline Guns, we understand that the ideal tackle varies between fishermen, which is why we offer the largest inventory of in-house freshwater tackle in the area. Not to mention we have some of the most sought-after brands as well.

  • Strike King – From hard to soft baits, jigs, and spoons to terminal tackle, Strike King offers the variety you’ve been looking for. Designed to give you a superior fishing experience, this is one brand worth your attention.
  • Gary Yamaoto – Proudly made in the USA, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits is one of the premier fishing lure companies in the world.
  • YUM – Producing the most advanced, fish-catching soft plastics and umbrella rights, YUM’s intense attractant is the scientific secret ingredient that triggers a feeding response. 
  • Zoom – Catching fish since 1977, you better believe the innovators at Zoom Bait Company know a thing or two about crafting some of the most effective lures in the market.
  • Rapala – Since 1936, Rapala has proudly held the title as the world’s favorite fishing lure. Popular for trout fishing and its high visibility in cloudy water, this is a must-have in every tackle box.
  • Yo-Zuri – With the claim to fame of holding up to a lifetime of successful fishing, you have nothing to lose with these realistic lures that are designed to help each angler have their best day. 
  • ZMAN – Manufactured in South Carolina, ZMAN utilizes unique materials that float up off the bottom to create a visible, lifelike target to game fish. All without PVC, plastisol, phthalates, and other toxic materials.
  • Roostertail – Productive with any game fish, Roostertail is one of the world’s most productive spinners. Available in several sizes and colors, there is a Roostertail perfect for any fishing environment.
  • Mepps – Proven time and again for a variety of freshwater fish, including trout, salmon, and bass, Mepps spoons and spinners are the only lures you’ll ever need!
  • Heddon  – Have you heard of “Lucky 13,” “Meadow Mouse,” or the “River Runt?” If so, you’ve heard of Heddon fishing lures. Well known and highly trusted for decades, these lures marked the beginning of a new era – the artificial lure fishing era that is.
  • Greenfish Tackle –  Designed and handcrafted by fishermen, each bait is made with quality and efficiency in mind. If you’re tired of the chase, it’s time to give Greenfish a try.
  • Live Target – As a premium fishing lure brand with products designed to catch game fish in mind, Live Target is ideal for both fresh and saltwater fishing. 
  • Lunkerhunt – Dedicated to providing high-quality products for all levels, this brand takes pride in its vast research and development efforts. Freshwater to ice fishing, Lunkerhunt has your game covered.



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