If your game is going after the larger fish, you know that choosing the perfect reel is a must. While there are pros and cons to every reel, the experts at Stateline Guns are here to help. From spinning reels to baitcasting, we have the in-house inventory for every level and every budget.

  • Daiwa – When it comes to exceeding expectations, Daiwa is it. Light yet tough, don’t be fooled by the smaller size. Daiwa reels are known for increasing strength and power.
  • Quantum – Hard working, smooth performing, and built to go beyond its limits, Quantum reels are some of the most impressive on the market.
  • Shimano – With a Propulsion Management System, Shimano delivers one of the industry’s best features built for extended casting and backlash prevention.
  • Penn – Durability, precision, and corrosion resistance to harsh saltwater environments make this brand a customer favorite. High-tech style and elegance are just a few of the added bonus features.
  • Lews – If you haven’t experienced Lew’s rods and reels, you are missing out. Here, performance and innovation meet to provide gamers with some of the finest, smoothest reels available.



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